This is the home for FolkStation, the Isle of Wight Folk festivals.

We are running a number of small events as fund-raisers, with the intention of bringing back the main festival.  We will add news on the various events here as new things are planned:

  • The regular folk club in the bar of the Portland Inn, Gurnard, continues on the first Friday of each month.  This is a come-all-ye type of evening free to all. Hopefully we can help with fund raising for the festival.
  • Next Portland Inn folk night is Friday 5th December (Portland Inn facebook is:  This will be our christmas special folk night, with lots of extras including a Mumming play, christmas raffle and some other treats!  Not to be missed.
  • The Island is rich in musical talent and venues where you can see musicians and dancers. For some of the other activities over the coming months see the various links on our "Other Island Events" page.