Welcome to the FolkStation web site

We are a small organisation, made up of volunteers, who have been organising folk festivals on the Isle of Wight since 2008. Our aim is to bring a broad range of folk music artists to the Island as well as showing off our marvellous local talent. Mainly we try to provide friendly events for everyone to enjoy.

We started off in the back field behind the Steam Railway station at Havenstreet and ran a highly successful festival there for 4 years. In 2012 moved to a larger field with better access to public transport just outside Newport.

Each year we engage in a range of fundraising events ranging from book sales to folk nights to help with the running costs of the festival. As anyone who has experience will tell you, just the legal aspects of organising events are expensive, even before we start to book acts and provide the infrastructure, so we are extremely grateful to those individuals and organisations who have helped us either financially or though generous provision of their time.

About the Island

The Island is well known as a holiday destination, and hosts a walking week, famous sailing events, a couple of really big festivals and a wide range of attractions. What is probably less well known is the Island’s cultural and musical heritage. William Shakespeare wrote “Taming of the Shrew” here, Lord Tennyson created much of his work here, Julia Margaret Cameron was one of the most important early photographers. In more recent times the Island has been home to a number of well-known musicians and entertainers.

Much more importantly, the Island’s music scene today is thriving; typically there are about 50 music events of all sorts each week, and the folk music scene is especially strong in pubs, sessions, clubs and dance teams.

The Island is well served by ferries with roughly 250 crossings every day over 6 different routes from Portsmouth, Southampton and Lymington, served by everything from hovercraft to vehicle ferries. We even have two airports!

To plagiarise our friend Brian Jacobs:

"The Isle of Wight is a small simulation of England, located conveniently off the South coast. Pretty much anything you can find in England can be found on the Island, only perhaps slightly smaller: lofty mountains soaring dozens of feet towards the clouds, majestic ponds set among rolling hillocks, yard upon yard of sun-kissed beach, and so forth. And lots of folk music, which is the important thing.”

Mike & Elaine